Web Design

I specialize in web design using WordPress. I also have experience in WooCommerce, membership subscription plans & integrated purchase points.

MANIA® Fitness Conferences

MANIA® is a 3-day live fitness professional education conference with 7 stops across the US. Each show has its own fully built web presence encompassing everything from session descriptions, presenter bios, hype videos, sponsor links and tier pricing registration options. All is built in the WordPress environment.



In this role, I was collaborated with the team to create a cohesive branding design for the current year (7-city circuit), and fully designed this site based on those standards. Integrating motion, minor custom coding and mobile-friendly design, the site is simple, clean, and easy to navigate.




Clary House

Clary House is a brick and mortar massage therapy studio and retail space.


The goal for this project was simple, an easy to navigate single page layout. Pricing, location and special offerings were the main bits of information that needed to be easily found and understood at a glance. Also part of this project was digitizing intake & release paperwork.


This was achieved with conditional form formatting allowing the client to complete it beforehand or easily on an iPad once in the space.



Lumen Organic Coffee

Lumen Organic Coffee Co. is a start up coffee roaster. They’re goal was to launch an online one off and subscription based e-commerce site with the ability to scale as they grow and begin to offer more products both online and in traditional retailers.


The site offers scalable options to offer both individual product sales, as well as, bulk discounts and subscriptions with customizable frequency, amount and style of coffee.



Certification Smash

Certification Smash is a fully online, live-stream fitness certification event. Born of the pandemic, streaming education became the norm & a necessity.


I was tasked with taking this from concept to reality in both the marketing strategy, as well as its online presence – complete with a multi-tier pricing strategy where the more you buy, the more you save.


Within this project I custom-built a tool that both allowed customers to register for the event, and automatically receive all of their links and educational materials. All of this needed to be conditional based on their selection and number of certifications being purchased. I used a tool called JotForm to build the entire shopping cart function for this single page design. This has stood the test of time being run 4 times over the past 3 years.




OPEN M is a non-profit in Akron Ohio that focuses on the massive need for support for the generational poverty gap. With 2 primary focuses of job support, food support and medical support, the entire web presence of the organization needed updated. The ability to take donations online and modernize the organization was the paramount focus for this project.


SCW Fit is an online & live event fitness education company providing continuing education credits (CECs) to fitness professionals. The home page design needed to show that post pandemic, the industry was strong and primed for a comeback while also including representation for all people in the industry.